Wet Room Adaptations

We can adapt your bathroom for those with specific needs.

Older people, and those with disabilities may need an adapted living space, and nowhere has a greater need in their homes than the bathroom. It is an area where a person needs independence and privacy, so the adaption needs to allow the bathroom space to be fully accessible & functional.

Innovations in bathroom and flooring designs have allowed many solutions that are both practical & stylish.

Shower Area

One of the simplest, and most popular ways to maximise accessibility is to create a level access wet room. This may be an open shower area, or partially enclosed by the use of screens, but maintaining the level access. Handrails & adjustable seats can be fitted to be more user friendly. For those that have more sensitive skin, a thermostatic shower mixer can be fitted to ensure the shower temperature remains constant and so reduces the risk of scalding.


For those that prefer a bath, we install comfortable, walk-in assisted baths. These baths have a walk in space on the side of the bath panel, a door or shower screen then closes across this space to allow for the filling of the water. These baths can be fitted with a seat, handrails, a fixed or adjustable shower head, thermostatic valves & lever taps.

Toilets & basins

Wall hung toilets & basins can be fitted to a comfortable height, and in the case of a basin, can allow for wheelchairs to fit underneath. Handrails can be fitted next to the toilet or basin and lever taps can be used to allow easier turning on and off.


For older people & those with a disability, one of the biggest hazards can be a slippery floor surface. New non-slip rubber floorings are available in a wide range of colours & styles to suit your bathroom. With these innovative new designs, it is now possible to have both a stylish & functional bathroom.